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Shuriken Korean V2 PCB

Shuriken Korean V2 PCB

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Please Note: Compatible ONLY with 0.187in & 0.250in Omron (V, D2RV, & D3V Series) and Gersung (GSM-V) switches. Choose the switch mode with a metal lever actuator.

Korean levers can be a pain to wire up and the end result can look like wire spaghetti, despite best efforts. To clean up this modding process we came up with a solution that integrates all wiring and connections into one simple product. Enter the Shuriken Korean Lever PCB! The following features are:

  • A clean solution to wiring up the switches by using a PCB that comes with heavy duty clips. Installing switches to the PCB takes seconds!
  • Elegantly breaks out all signals to a 5-pin JST-NH connector.
  • Presses down on all switch bodies evenly. This eliminates switch tilt found on some Korean levers and creates a predictable mechanical installation.
  • Labels all switches and pins to help understand which wires on the 5-pin JST-NH connector perform which directional action.
  • Sports a 2mm thick aluminum core for added durability and sleek look.

Compatibility List

  •  ASI Golden Lever
  •  Cool Bear Lever
  •  Coorejam V2
  •  Crown 303A / FK
  •  Crown 303N
  •  Crown 303 Crazy Dongpal
  •  Crown 309Helpme
  •  Crown 309MJ-Benylis
  •  Crown 309MJ-KMS-ST25
  •  Crown 309MJ-KMS-ST35
  •  Crown 309FJ-KMS-ST25
  •  Crown 309FJ-KMS-ST35
  •  IST Alpha 49s
  •  IST Fujin V3
  •  IST Knee Lever
  •  Myoungshin Fanta (pre-2019 & 2019, late 2020)
  •  Sanjuks V5, V5C, & V6
  •  Taeyoung Fanta

*Please Note: Depending on your retail arcade stick, you may need a JLF 5-Pin Extension Harness. The Victrix Pro is an example of a retail stick that has tight wiring and would need an extension when installing a Shuriken Korean.


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