Welcome to our community resource page! Here you can find a list of our product manuals along with community driven guides and discussions. We're on the hunt to provide more info, so check back for updates. If you'd like to suggest a guide/community page that has been helpful to you, contact us!

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Bit Bang Gaming Product Manuals:  All Manuals

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Community Discussions:

      • Discord - Bit Bang Gaming: Join our community! Talk directly with us on anything related to the FGC. 
      • Reddit - r/fightsticks: An active group discussing anything related to the FGC. Members can post pictures of their custom fightsticks.


Guides by the FGC:

      • Slagcoin Joystick Guide: This entire site is a colorful joystick guide. Each icon on the top of the page is the next section of the guide. The site is old and is not up-to-date, but still serves as a great reference.