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Applications (i.e., apps) are virtually everywhere. At its most simplistic definition, it’s a software program designed to perform a specific function. It’s so integrated into our everyday lives we don’t really think about what we’re using, we just use it and, for the most part, it makes our lives easier. This common piece of tech is now creeping its way into FGC products – let’s explore where, why, and the advantages/disadvantages.

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Design, PCB -

This article explains what the Shuriken PCBs are, how they came to be, and how they work. 

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This article explains the Antagonist PCB and its operation.

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This article explains what an SOCD Cleaner does and why it is required. It also explains typical SOCD cleaner modes and other modes as featured in the Magicians SOCD Cleaner.

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PCB, Production -

The Bad News: Unfortunately, it's true - the Zero KO board must be delayed and all current pre-orders cancelled / refunded. The release date is now unknown. To understand how this happened, please read on. It was quite the process to figure out. Otherwise, if you have pre-ordered I will be direct messaging you for refund details. If you did not receive my message, please reach out to me directly either by email or discord.

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