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This article explains the Antagonist PCB and its operation.

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This article explains what an SOCD Cleaner does and why it is required. It also explains typical SOCD cleaner modes and other modes as featured in the Magicians SOCD Cleaner.

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PCB, Production -

The Bad News Unfortunately, it's true - the Zero KO board must be delayed and all current pre-orders cancelled / refunded. The release date is now unknown. To understand how this happened, please read on. It was quite the process to figure out. Otherwise, if you have pre-ordered I will be direct messaging you for refund details. If you did not receive my message, please reach out to me directly either by email or discord. So What Happened? For those of you who saw the demo of all the features on our Twitch stream, it's clear that all the software works...

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Design, PCB, Production -

With 2022 upon us, setting out for new goals and resolutions is a common theme. Going to the gym more, learning to play an instrument, getting to be a Tekken God Prime player... we have some goals too and would like to share! Arcade Controller Boards It's no secret that for the past year we have been doing a bunch of R&D on competing products that enter the fray of Brook and ISTMall boards. The Double KO, the "every-single-console" board, has been our target for a while now. Since kicking off the project in January of 2021, we have learned a...

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Design, SOCD -

This article goes through the design steps to get a logic circuit design in place for a basic SOCD cleaner.

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