About Us

What is Bit Bang Gaming?

Bit Bang Gaming is an online store that creates unique gaming hardware. The main focus is to create products that make gaming hardware easy to use.

Meet the Team

Meet Joe! Bit Bang Gaming was created by Joe. He comes up with concepts, designs, and prototypes of all products and eventually implements them into final production.

A good portion of Joe's childhood involved playing lots of video games. Leveling up Mario in Super RPG? Joe's been there. Struggling to get to the end of Pocky and Rocky? Joe knows the struggle. Unlocking all the joke weapons in Soul Caliber II? Probably not worth the trouble, but Joe did it anyway. Trying to get level 50 online in Halo 2? You can bet Joe tried, but didn't quite get there. Lately Joe can be seen online in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, breaking the rules of the meta. Point being, Joe has been around a lot of games and understands that if you don't have the right hardware you're not going to have fun.

Joe also holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering and an Associates Degree in Computer Science. He has worked in various industries such as photonics, laser show entertainment, electronics manufacturing, and R&D in biotech. He has worked as an engineer and technician and has written technical articles on the side.

Meet Stephanie! She designs/manages the website and helps with order processing.

When she is not working on Bit Bang Gaming she can be found trying to get chicken dinner in PUBG, making mad gains in Ring Fit Trainer, or catching up on her webtoons. She also likes to paint fantasy landscapes in acrylics and sculpt random creatures out of clay. 

Steph holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and has taken a few courses in computer programming. She has worked in the manufacturing and law firm industries as a recruiting coordinator.  

Why buy from Bit Bang Gaming?

All of Bit Bang Gaming's core products have been developed from a gamer who happens to be an engineer. That means a lot of thought and careful consideration goes into the development of each product. If Joe won't use it, then you probably won't either. Bit Bang Gaming wants to build quality gaming hardware that solves unique problems. We are always open to new product ideas. We aim to develop products with customer wants/needs in mind. Also, our  customer service is relaxed and friendly. We'd love to chat!


Thank you!