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Player LEDs PCB

Player LEDs PCB

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The Player LEDs PCB easily connects to any control board (such as the Brook UFB, Double KO, etc.). This makes your custom project come closer to a professional retail look! 

Any control board with a compatible port will work. This includes many of the Brook Gaming boards and the future release of the Double KO PCB that we are working on. Simply plug in the cable from the control board’s port to the Player LEDs PCB and voila! You are all set. We offer a variety of colors, availability may vary.

There are three common ways to mount the Player LEDs PCB:

    1. The kit includes clear double-sided tape. If using a clear top, simply stick the board on from the bottom.
    2. The PCB has holes for mounting. The kit comes with a drill guide/template to help easily create these marking holes and to create the holes for the LEDs to shine through. Optionally, the light pipes that are included can also be used for a more retail look.
    3. Some after-market case manufacturers/makers are integrating mounting holes and brackets for this PCB. Nothing is released yet, but we will provide updates when it does. Additionally, Buttercade has created a mounting bracket that can be 3D printed. This STL file is provided for free, you just need a 3D printer to make it. >>> STL LINK <<<

      What’s Included:

      • (1) Player LEDs PCB
      • (1) Strip of optically clear double-sided tape
      • (1) Drill guide/template
      • (1) Player LEDs PCB cable
      • (2) Sets of light pipes for two different installation heights

       We use light pipe part numbers VLP-250-F and VLP-400-F. There are many more available from the manufacturer Bivar Inc. in case you need to source separately for your project.

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      Manual - Japanese 日本語


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