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Magicians SOCD Cleaner V2

Magicians SOCD Cleaner V2

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The Magicians SOCD Cleaner V2 gives you the ability to add SOCD cleaning to nearly any OEM controller and control board. With 25 different SOCD combinations and a custom SOCD rule creator, this is the gold standard. It you are looking for the best SOCD cleaner out there, you have found it!


The Magicians SOCD Cleaner V2 makes it simple to wire the following features:

  • Power input via a two-pin screw terminal block and Pass-thru Harness port. These ports are protected from accidental reverse voltage conditions. The Pass-thru Harness port makes it easier to use aftermarket pass thru cables so that there is no reason to ever tap into the sticks power lines.
  • Direction inputs via a five-pin screw terminal block. Having it as a screw terminal makes it easy to accommodate the wiring scheme of your setup.
  • Cleaned outputs via a five pin JST NH connector, commonly used for arcade joysticks and to make integration easier with your controller’s built-in cable or to easily use with an after-market harness.
  • Micro USB port to offer a quick power test and for updating the firmware via a PC.
  • Comes with a configuration smart phone app that connects via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to quickly configure and test the Magicians SOCD Cleaner during installation. Can also be used to quickly change modes between matches.
  • OMNI port for both direction inputs and LED output making integration with accessories such as the ODIN and LOKI a snap.


All configuration is performed via a phone app. This makes it easy to read and configure features such as:

  • Changing SOCD cleaning modes, with 25 to choose from.
  • Creating your own SOCD rules when you need extra control.
  • Saving between four different profiles to switch in between matches and games.
  • Changing the cleaned output connector mapping for any control board pinout.
  • Changing the cleaned output connector logic convention for compatibility with most control board.
  • Real time testing of cleaned outputs to ensure the cleaning profile is configured exactly how you intended it to be.
  • Changing the type of BLE advertising to save on battery power or to prevent other players from messing with your settings.
  • Reading PCB and app information to stay informed on your setup’s version.

App Download:



Firmware Updates:

We will provide future firmware support.

  • Firmware is updateable over Micro USB port.
  • Flashing can be performed on Windows using microcontroller’s native program applications.

    You can find the latest firmware on the Magicians SOCD Cleaner V2 product page or on our resources page:


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