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Shuriken JLF PCB V2

Shuriken JLF PCB V2

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Please Note: Compatible ONLY with 0.187in & 0.250in Omron (V, D2RV, & D3V Series) and Gersung (GSM-V) switches.

Replacing a switch on your Sanwa JLF PCB is tedious and daunting! We aim to make life a bit easier with the Shuriken JLF V2 PCB. It fits perfectly into an authentic Sanwa JLF stick (or clone) as it is designed to be a drop-in replacement.

Each switch can be replaced separately with no need for soldering and no need to replace a whole PCB that might have other functioning switches. You can swap out switches on the fly and even mix in different operating forces. The Shuriken JLF V2 PCB is specifically designed for the Omron V, D3V, and D2RV series switches, and Gersung GSM-V series switches. That comes out to 100+ switch part numbers that can be used!

A 5-pin JST-NH connector serves as the connection port, just like in an authentic Sanwa JLF PCB.  The improvement from the Shuriken JLF V1 PCB is that there is now a 3rd terminal to allow for the D2RV switches which are of the "silent" type from Omron. The V1 also did not allow for 0.187in tab widths but with updated terminals, which are far sturdier, you can easily use a needle nose plier to nudge the terminal into position for 0.187in compatibility.

*Please note it is not compatible with the Sanjuk!

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