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The Zero KO Board takes a whole new spin on what arcade controller boards can look like. Most “Zero Delay” type boards are low in cost and do the job for a cheap but functional setup. However, some have complained about the lag, their non-standard layouts, and non-existent support. Other reputable companies offer higher quality construction, better layout, and reliable support. This is a step in the right direction, and we wanted to jump in to include our own spin. There is a lot of talent and creativity that goes into making a world class looking arcade controller, and the Zero KO Board was created with this in mind.

We decided that not only does the future of arcade controller boards need to be reliable, it needs to be easy to use with a ton of features to allow for the modder’s personality to be a part of the build process.

Supported Consoles

The supported consoles here may grow in the future through future firmware updates.

      • PC (Xinput, Dinput, HID) support.
          • Xinput allows for the use of the Xbox Nexus button via the HOME button.
          • HID features a total of 32 buttons.
          • HID is recognized by the Xbox Adaptive Controller.
      • PS, PS2, and PS3 support.
      • N64, GC support, and SWITCH support.
          • GC works on Wii GC ports as well as USB to GC adapters on SWITCH.


Note: This excludes consoles that require a bypass of authentication, which means Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, and PS5 can never be supported on the Zero KO Board. Lookout for the Double KO Board in the future for these consoles.

SOCD Cleaner

The built-in SOCD cleaner makes it possible to easily use the Zero KO Board for all button controllers. We programmed our famous Magicians SOCD Cleaner which means:

      • 16 different modes of SOCD cleaning combinations (includes both X and Y axis).
      • SOCD modes can be changed on the fly remotely, no need to open your controller or add extra buttons.
      • Integrated three-way switch to choose between three SOCD configurations: Standard, Last Input Priority (aka Last Input Wins), and Remote.
      • Works on all supported consoles.

Buttercade Antagonist

The Buttercade Antagonist feature is useful for charge characters. It takes your inputs from a lever and reverses them with a button. Check out the demo from JonyFraze:


All standard arcade controller buttons and advanced functionality are easily accessible.

      • Main buttons can be wired from either an easy-to-use screw terminal or a 20-pin header for rapid installation.
      • Secondary buttons and functions are accessible exclusively through a JST PH or JST XH header.
      • USB port via type B connector or header for a standard or custom connection.
      • Dedicated GC port.
      • Dedicated N64 port.
      • Dedicated PS / PS2 port.
      • Player LEDs port for supported consoles and visual feedback.
      • TPK / L3 / R3 port for increased functionality.
      • Turbo port for shoot ’em up games or any game requires similar function. Also includes LED output.
      • Powered lever port. Aids in installation for optical PCBs or to power drop-in directional schemes such as the ODIN and LOKI. Keeps power and signals all in one place for cleaner wiring.
      • LS / DP / RS port to easily change between Left Analog Stick, Right Analog Stick, and Directional PAD functions.
      • Tournament lockout port. No need to mess around with ugly tournament lockout harnesses.
      • Two expansion ports to allow for special accessories such as analog joysticks, reactive LEDs, controller feed thru adapters, OLED displays, touchpads, SOCD / SACD cleaners, wireless adapters, etc.
      • Shift button support via screw terminal. No need to have so many buttons on the sides to use buttons such as START or SELECT, simply use a shift button and one of the main action buttons.
      • Auxiliary button support to keep up with the constantly evolving FGC market. Some ideas are implementing modifiers for controllers built for a platform fighters such as SMash or unique cleaning operations, such as SACD.
        • Auxiliary buttons X1, X2, X3 are currently empty.
        • Auxiliary buttons X4 features Buttercade's Antagonist function.


Note: We aim to carry all supporting cables for all ports in the future. This includes cables for the supported consoles. Give us some time and we’ll get there!

Artwork & Lighting

To build a world class arcade controller, you need to have the ability to have every single piece of your controller carefully inspected to maximize its appeal. The board itself should be no exception. The board has:

      • Front screw holes to mount an acrylic plate for board artwork for that finishing touch. Screws and clear acrylic plate are included.
      • RGB LEDs can be used for illuminating the acrylic / artwork or as a general power indicator to reflect your build’s personality.
      • RGB LEDs are configurable by setting DIP settings on the bottom of the board.

Firmware Updates

We will provide future firmware support.

      • Firmware is updateable over USB ports.
      • Flashing can be performed on Windows, Mac, or command line using microcontroller’s native program applications.


Note: You can find the latest firmware on the Zero KO Board product page or on our resources page:

Click here for manual


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