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Wire Stripper - 30-20 AWG (Hakko CHP CSP-30-1)

Wire Stripper - 30-20 AWG (Hakko CHP CSP-30-1)

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Modding your controller can sometimes require a customer wiring job, which means cutting and stripping wire. One way to do this is by using wire strippers. We have tested this Hakko wire stripper with PVC insulation. During our tests, we found that stripping insulation off of thin and thick wires was easy and consistent. However, with cutting thinner wires in the range of 30 to 26 AWG, it was a little inconsistent. If precision cuts are necessary for thin wire, we suggest to use wire cutters dedicated for that task. From our experience, with any wire stripper, we usually start one size bigger than the wire we are stripping the insulation off of to prevent nicking the conductor. In general, it is a nice hobbyist grade wire stripper suitable for many different types of modding projects.

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