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SNES Anti-Pad Hack Board

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Remember the pain of pad hacking your way to making an SNES controller? Remember the burned fingers, surprise smoke, and lifted traces? Not really a fun process. This is where the SNES Anti-Pad Hack Board makes it fun again!

This board can be used in three different ways:

  1. Wire up your buttons and switches to the corresponding button on the terminal blocks.
  2. Use a 20-pin arcade stick harness and plug into the corresponding twenty-pin header on the board. Wire up your harness to your buttons and you’re ready to go.
  3. Use a USB decoder (e.g., the Undamned USB decoder) with a twenty-pin ribbon cable and connect it to the Anti-Pad Hack Board. (Requires external power).

Once you have picked one of the hook-up methods from above, wire up a SNES controller cable plug to the terminal block as shown on the board’s diagram. You’re all set!

Click here for manual