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Shuriken Korean PCB

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Please Note: Compatible ONLY with 0.187in Gersung A series & Omron V Series switches.

Click here to order from Blunderbuss Designs (UK)

Click here to order from Murakumo Corp (JP)

Korean levers can be a pain to wire up and the end result can look like wire spaghetti, despite best efforts. To clean up this modding process we came up with a solution that integrates all wiring and connections into one simple product. Enter the Shuriken Korean Lever PCB! The following features are:

  • A clean solution to wiring up the switches by using a PCB that comes with heavy duty clips. Installing switches to the PCB takes seconds!
  • Elegantly breaks out all signals to a 5-pin JST-NH connector.
  • Presses down on all switch bodies evenly. This eliminates switch tilt found on some Korean levers and creates a predictable mechanical installation.
  • Labels all switches and pins to help understand which wires on the 5-pin JST-NH connector perform which directional action.
  • Sports a 2mm thick aluminum core for added durability and sleek look.

Compatibility List

  •  ASI Golden Lever
  •  Cool Bear Lever
  •  Crown 303A / FK
  •  Crown 303N
  •  Crown 303 Crazy Dongpal
  •  Crown 309Helpme
  •  Crown 309MJ-Benylis
  •  Crown 309MJ-KMS-ST25
  •  Crown 309MJ-KMS-ST35
  •  Crown 309FJ-KMS-ST25
  •  Crown 309FJ-KMS-ST35
  •  IST Alpha 49s
  •  IST Fujin V3
  •  IST Knee Lever
  •  Myoungshin Fanta (pre-2019 & 2019, late 2020)
  •  Sanjuks V5, V5C, & V6
  •  Taeyoung Fanta

See below for links to our manual:

Manual - English

Manual - Japanese 日本語


Blunderbuss Design Demo 1

Blunderbuss Design Demo 2



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Jordan .
United States United States
I recommend this product
K Shuriken PCB vs Victrix FS

Firstly, I'll say that this product is worth it. It provides extra stability for your micro switches that you will immediately notice after installing, which to me, gives me extra confidence in my execution, knowing everything is stable inside. Last but not least, the customer service is superb. I use the victrix pro FS and at first, the cable that's stock with the victrix wasn't long enough to reach the PCB. This is because victrix makes everything fit so tightly for their stock innards, it makes it difficult to mod with anything related to the lever. I contacted BBG, and told them the issue, and said it is not their fault. They wasted no time in providing a wire extension in order to make it work with the victrix. I must say this kind of customer service is what makes any customer feel valued and that they want you to experience the best quality service and products. Thank you!