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Bit Bang Gaming LLC

Shuriken JLF PCB - V2 Proto

Shuriken JLF PCB - V2 Proto

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Please Note: Compatible ONLY with 0.187in Omron (V, D2RV, & D3V Series) and Gersung (GSM-V) switches.

Pre-orders will close January 15th.

This is not exactly a new product nor is it fully released. It was something we played around with a year ago. It is basically a Shuriken JLF intended for 0.187in switches, mainly to accommodate silent switches. The 0.250in terminals will NOT work with this (the one intended for the current Shuriken JLF). Whenever someone asked for a Shuriken with silent switch compatibility, I offered this proto. I have since sold off all the protos and those who have it seem to really enjoy it. I have been getting more requests for silent capabilities, but since since I do not have any more protos, I can no longer sell one-offs.

We are offering a pre-order for this proto. It has not been thoroughly tested and it's more for your own curiosity or a possible solution for silent switches. Since it's a small run, it will not be aluminum.

We do not have plans to release a full version in the near future, so we will do small runs when we get enough requests.

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