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Under Development. Price listed not final.

Goal: We are in the process of developing a board that is aimed at retro & modern systems. We will be testing and releasing this product hopefully by summer. The goal is to release with all retro systems. The modern systems will be worked on and will be available after release through firmware upgrade.

Kickstarter: Since we are a small company, we will need the help of the FGC to make the initial release a reality. We might be creating a kickstarter or may ask for preorders, or perhaps another way - we are still ironing out those details. Either way we go, it will help us procure the initial round of the Double KO Board, and hopefully through sales it will keep funding itself. To sign up for email notifications when either kickstarter, preorders, etc., launch, please email us at, message us on any of our social media sites, or contact us here.

Project Updates: Below is our progress so far! Follow us on social media for progress updates.

Fully Tested Retro Systems (so far):

      • NES (pad; tested with Double Dragon)
      • SNES (pad; tested with Killer Instinct)
      • Sega Genesis (3 button pad; tested with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters)
      • Turbografx16 / PC-E (6 button pad; modes for multitap and no multitap; tested with Bloody Wolf and many other games)
      • Sega Saturn (digital pad; tested with Ultimate Mortal Kombat III)
      • Gamecube (original controller; tested with Soul Calibur II on Gamecube, Wii, and Switch with WiiU adapter)
      • N64 (standard controller; tested with Killer Instinct Gold
      • PC (X-input, D-input, Generic HID Keyboard/Mouse/Joystick); tested with Tekken 7
      • Neo Geo/Super Gun (Neo Geo, JNX, etokki/UD-USB, Jasen's Customs MK30 ADCAP, ArcadeForge MAK Strike, HAS, Windy). Tested on consolized Neo Geo w/ King of Fighters '99.
      • PSX/PS2 (tested on fighting games only)
      • Switch

Retro Systems Pending Testing:

      • PlayStation 3

Retro Systems Pending Coding:

      • Sega Dreamcast
      • Xbox Original
      • Xbox 360

Modern Systems Pending Coding (after product release):

      • Xbox One
      • WiiU
      • Neo Geo Mini
      • PlayStation 4

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