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Snap Out Tool - 24mm

Snap Out Tool - 24mm

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This listing is for one (1) Buttercade snap out tool.

Let’s face it, snap in button tabs can break and if they do, the entire modding experience is ruined. Instead, use the right tool for the job - the Snap Out tool from Buttercade!

  • Made from sturdy and durable nylon plastic.
  • Comes in two sizes for 24mm and 30mm snap in buttons (each sold separately).
  • Notch on 30mm Snap Out allows for clearance of joystick mounting plate.
  • Remove a snap in button effortlessly with zero damage and frustration.

Button Compatibility List:

  • Sanwa OBSF-30
  • Sanwa OBSJ-30
  • Sanwa OBSC-30
  • Sanwa OBSFS-30 and OBSFE-30
  • Seimitsu PS-14-G
  • Seimitsu PS-14-K
  • Seimitsu PS-15
  • Hayabusa 30mm
  • HBFS-30mm

Other buttons may be compatible but will likely require a slightly different removal procedure.

Snap Out sizes available: 24mm and 30mm.

Click here for 30mm.

Please Note: Only one tool is required for all buttons of that size. In other words, purchasing eight Snap Out tools for eight buttons is not necessary. Only one is required for that particular button size.

Click here for manual.

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