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SNES Anti-Pad Hack Board Kit

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* Retired Product *
This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is available for your reference.

This listing includes the following:

  • (1) One SNES Anti-Pad Hack Board
  • (8) Eight Japanese 0.110" Harnesses
  • (4) Four American 0.187" Harnesses
  • (1) One Control Board 5-Pin Wiring Harness
  • (4) Four Snap-In Adhesive PCB Feet (3mm Hole, 7.9mm Height)

    Remember the pain of pad hacking your way to making an SNES controller? Remember the burned fingers, surprise smoke, and lifted traces? Or if you even got it together, connections broke shortly after playing some games? Not really a fun experience. This is where the SNES Anti-Pad Hack Board makes it fun again!

    This board can give you some install choices:

    1. Buttons can be accessed with 8 Japanese Spare 0.110" Harnesses or accessed from the 20-pin arcade stick header using the standard 20-pin arcade stick harness. Any arcade button will work.

    2. Directional pad directions can be accessed with 4 American Spare 0.187" Harness or from the 5-pin joystick port or accessed from the 20-pin arcade stick header using the standard 20-pin arcade stick harness. Any arcade button or joystick will work.

    3. If using a USB decoder, such as the Undamned USB decoder, connect the 20-pin arcade stick header from the Anti-Pad Hack Board and connect it to 20-pin arcade stick header to the USB decoder. Please note that this will almost always require external power. When connecting the two boards together, pay attention to the connection orientation. Please see the manual for details.

    4. To mount, there are 4, 3mm holes on each corner. These can be used with screw or adhesive mounting feet.

    If you need wiring accessories, we offer a kit version as well.

    Once all the inputs are connected to the board, wire up a SNES controller cable plug to the terminal block as shown on the board’s diagram. Take care on hooking up the correct wires. If hacking from an old SNES controller, you will need to use a multi-meter to figure out which wire is which. If you need help on this, you can always email us or join our Discord server for assistance!

    Click here for manual.

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