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Bit Bang Gaming LLC

PASTA Board (for Razer Panthera PS3/PS4)

PASTA Board (for Razer Panthera PS3/PS4)

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The PASTA Board for the Razer Panthera PS3/PS4 makes it easy to convert your setup to

use any compatible control board. For example, control boards from Brook LLC or Bit
Bang Gaming LLC will work. The conversion will have all of the stock buttons function as
usual, with one exception. Since control boards will have an auto-detect or manual
procedure to switch between different consoles, the PS3/PS4 switch will function as a
turbo button. All necessary cables, screws, and spacers are included for a hassle-free



The PASTA board for the Razer Panthera PS3 makes it simple to:
  • Retain the functions of the main button inputs (1P, 2P, 3P, 4P, 1K, 2K, 3K, 4K, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, UP, START, SELECT, HOME).
  • Retain the functions of the secondary buttons (TPKEY, TURBO, L3, R3).
  • Retain the functions of the player LEDs.
  • Retain the functions of the stick mode (LS, DP, RS).
  • Retain the functions of the lock switch (applies to START, SELECT, and HOME).
  • Wire up a turbo LED by re-purposing case LED on the latch button.
  • Wire up a turbo button by re-purposing the case PS3/PS4 slide switch.
  • Wire up USB wiring via the 5-pin terminal block. USB connection to control performed with USB port on the board and with included short length USB cable.
  • Mounting method for PS5 upgrade kit compatible with compatible Brook PCBs

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